Robin Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre

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Are you a carer? 

Important information!

  • Are you a Carer?
  • Are you caring for someone?
  • Do you look after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because they are ill, frail, disabled or have mental health or substance abuse problems?
  • Is the care you provide unpaid?
  • Would you like to be recognised and get some support?

If so, please let us know!  You can tell the Doctor or Nurse at your next appointment, email us at, call us on 0113 257 67 87 or use the contact form in the contacts page.

By telling us that you are a carer, we can ensure you that are provided with help and support.

Don't forget, we also run carer support groups on a monthly basis.  Visit our calendar page for the next date.  Our carer support group will allow you to meet other carers and talk with a carer support worker!